Global Mindset. Local Instinct.

With a client-first focus at the local level, expanded by our global network, we work as one team to create customized legal solutions for businesses and individuals.

The YK Way

If you have a legal issue to resolve or an opportunity to pursue, getting the right legal guidance is critical. At YK Law, we leverage our local knowledge and global connections to help both business and individuals achieve their goals.

Many of our attorneys have lived and practiced in other parts of the world and have experience with a range of legal issues involving cross-border and multilingual transactions. We are also part of the Yingke Global Network, the largest independent alliance of law firms in the world.

Yet we are an American law firm firmly established in our particular locations, which include New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas. In an age of globalization, we seek to offer the best of both worlds, with jurisdiction-specific knowledge enhanced where needed by our global breadth.

Business & Commercial Law

Entertainment & Media

Intellectual Property

International Practice

Immigration & Global Mobility

Estate Planning & Wealth Management

Matrimonial & Family Law

Real Estate

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

How Our Client Focus Helps You

We pride ourselves on our client-first and comprehensive approach to resolving legal concerns. By fostering a team culture based on knowledge-sharing and industry expertise, we enable our lawyers to better advise our clients. We also empower our lawyers with the autonomy to determine the best approach for providing services to each client, including customized fee structuring.

This means our attorneys are able to make individual decisions regarding client service without “jumping through the hoops” of internal bureaucracy. The result is flexible and client-focused services aimed at obtaining a resolution that makes sense for your circumstances.

Our Knowledge At Your Service – Where And When You Need It

Map showing the Yingke Global Network

Our Global Mindset

As our clients’ business is increasingly global, we also take a broader and more international approach to client service. That is why we are a key member of the Yingke Global Network (YGN), a network of legal advisers with more than 10,000 lawyers in 86 countries around the world.

Through our participation in this unique network, we are able to extend our presence worldwide and handle transactions of all types anywhere. YGN was founded by Yingke Law Firm, the largest law firm in the Asia-Pacific region, with whom we maintain a close affiliation.

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