Immigration & Global Mobility Practice

Immigration & Global Mobility Practice

The lawyers in our Immigration & Global Mobility Practice work closely with our clients to develop strategies that help meet their immigration needs and to ensure the efficient movement of personnel worldwide.  Our team of lawyers and paralegals serve clients across industries and geographies, from the world’s largest global companies to regional organizations more modest in size.

As our clients’ businesses become global and they expand beyond their home country, our experienced immigration attorneys, paralegals and staff help our clients with their visa needs, from investment-based immigration visas to employment-based visas for our corporate clients hiring overseas talents or sending key personnel overseas. Our role is to provide legal guidance and advice on various aspects of the immigration process so as to facilitate the movement of people across borders.
We also work with many individuals on their personal immigration needs, including applications for family-based immigration visas, student visas, and marriage-based visas.

Employment Immigration

Our lawyers represent and advise employers and employees seeking temporary visas (H-1B, L-1) and long-term status (EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 green cards) to or from the United States. Availability of these visas will depend largely on the qualifications of the applicant, the employer’s needs for those qualifications and the policies in effect. Our team works closely with the clients as their need changes or if there is a shift in immigration policy.  We also represent exceptional individuals seeking temporary visas (O, P) and long-term status (EB-1, EB-2 green cards) to the United States.


Our lawyers advise clients on obtaining temporary and permanent status as qualified investors. We represent investors seeking temporary visas (E-2, L-1) and long-term status (EB-1, EB-5 green cards). Together with our corporate attorneys, the lawyers in our Immigration & Mobility Practice advise clients on project and regional center due diligence, status renewal (I-829), EB-5 workouts (solutions for investors in failed EB-5 projects).

EB-5 Regional Center

We work closely with project developers in setting up EB-5 offerings and regional center affiliations.  We also represent EB-5 regional centers on matters relating to set-up, buy/sell transactions, project due diligence, annual reports (I-924A), investigations and audits.


In addition to representing our corporate clients, our team advise individuals on matters relating to applying for United States citizenship and second passport (citizenship by investment).

Employer Compliance

As employers navigate through the complex landscape of immigration law compliance, our immigration experts will guide employers through compliance issues, internal audits, investigations and government reviews.

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