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Family and Matrimonial Law

Attorney Fariah Amin


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Fariah Amin has recently moved from Amin Legal Firm, P.C. to join YK Law LLP as Of-Counsel.

With over a decades worth of litigation experience, Fariah Amin is a skilled compassionate counselor and litigator, capable of guiding clients in their matters and fiercely advocating for them in Court.   Fariah is licensed to practice law in both the State of Texas and New York. Fariah is highly experienced with all issues intertwined with divorce, family and immigration law. Fariah has substantial litigation experience in New York Supreme and  Family courts.

Fariah has a deep understanding of the basics and the complexities of Sharia/Islamic family law and its technical details. Fariah has the expertise necessary to represent Muslim clients in accordance to the laws of the State of New York and Texas  but can also provide a nuanced perspective and guidance on issues where there is overlap between State Laws and matters of Sharia Law.

She brings a rare and unique perspective to this area of law as a woman, and she is particularly well-suited to discuss and counsel clients with questions concerning immigration, family law and divorce.

Practice Areas

  • Immigration & Global Mobility Practice
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Matrimonial & Family Law


  • Hofstra Maurice A. Deane School of Law (2010)
  • New York University (2007)

Bar Admissions

  • New York State (2011)
  • State of Texas (2022)

Professional Associations

  • Texas Bar
  • Assigned Counsel Association
  • Dallas Fort Worth Muslim Bar Association


  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2019
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2020
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2021
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2022


  • Represented a Client in post-divorce custody modification to help the client regain custody of her minor children from the opposing party who was a wealthy and influential member of client’s former religious community.  The opposing party had unlimited resources and influence. The Court removed the children from client’s without a hearing and without the client having any legal counsel at the time. After one year in litigation, which included about 20 days of trial time, client was able to regain custody of her children.
  • I represented a client arrested for child endangerment as her husband alleged that their then 18-month-old child drank bleach while in her care. My client was arrested, and a child protective case ensued, the father filed for custody and an order of protection.  The father was awarded temporary custody and my client, who had been the child’s primary caretaker was excluded from the marital home and given supervised visits with her son.  Through extensive litigation, I was able to flip the case completely and obtained temporary custody for my client. While the forensic expert was testifying on the stand during trial, I was able to get her to depart from her written report which suggested joint custody for the parents and instead recommended sole custody for my client.  I was able to get the client full custody, a full stay away order of protection, dismissal of her criminal, and a reversal of the child protective findings.
  • Client hired me to handle his divorce matter and fight against a false family offense petition filed by his wife that resulted in a temporary order of protection against my client in family court. At the commencement of the matter, there was a full stay order of protection against my client against his wife and children. He had no access to his children, including no phone contact. The ex-wife levied allegations against my client of child abuse, rape, and drug use. Through aggressive litigation in both Family and Supreme Court, I was able to get the order of protection case dismissed. With respect to the Supreme Court case, I resolved the divorce with joint physical custody and decision-making for my client in line with the wishes of the client.
  • I represented client on a sex abuse case filed against him by the Administration of Children Services. Within a few short weeks was able to discover that the child had fabricated the allegations. Trial on the matter was scheduled for 2023. I was able to get client and expedited hearing and was able to resolve the matter, reuniting the client with his family.
  • In another child abuse case client and her husband were charged with child abuse by ACS. The child was repatriated from Pakistan under the care of my client without the consent or knowledge of my client. The child was subsequently put into foster care and the parents suffered a de-facto termination of their rights by virtue of the Court issuing restrictive orders that prevented them from having access to their child or even access to the child’s medical, educational, or any other information. The child was given an alias and her location was kept confidential. After one fierce year of fighting, ACS saw the many holes in their case and completely withdrew the abuse case against the parents, a very rare move by ACS. The child is now reunited with her parents.


  • English
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi

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