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Yingke Participates in Cornell University’s Emerging Market Institution 10th Anniversary  

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Emerging Growth & Technology Practice, Firm News

1. The Director of Cornell University’s Emerging Market Institution invited Yingke to give a lecture for Cornell Johnson MBA and Tech students.

On Nov. 23th, 2020, The senior lecturer of Management and the director of Emerging Markets Institute, Lourdes S. Casanova invited Yingke to give a speech in her class for Cornell Johnson MBA and Cornell Tech students. Yingke Global Board of Directors Executive Chairwoman Linda Yang, Yingke Law Firm’s Partner Henry Li will a class presentation about Yingke. Joy Xiao, Associate from YK New York office, a current EMBA student at Cornell will also attend the class.

Cornell’s Emerging Markets Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management was founded in 2010, to provide thought leadership on the role of emerging markets—and emerging market multinationals—in the global economy. The Institute brings together preeminent practitioners and academics from around the world to develop the next generation of global business leaders and create the premier research center on the role of emerging markets in the global economy.  1

Director Lourdes focuses on studying the global emerging market. She has actively attended many conferences in China enterprises and universities. She leads the research for the Emerging Market annual reports and co-write a book on The Era of Chinese Multinationals. Academic Press. Elsevier 2019.2

2. Yingke actively participates in EMI 10 Years Annual Anniversary Events!

October 2020, Joy Xiao, China legal counsel of YK Law LLP and current Cornell Metro-NY EMBA students co-lead the team called Tykoam with Konrad Kober, the director of The Restructuring & Turnaround Services of EY-Parthenon of six Johnson EMBA students, representing Cornell S.C. Johnson School of Business in participation of the 2020 Emerging Market Institution 10Year Anniversary.

The topic of this case competition is to advise an Indian Pharmaceutical Company on strategies during COVID-19 and keep its leading position in the world.

The team YK leads is called Tykoam, pronounced as Tycoon, is named after our six members: Tommaso –Joy – Konrad – Anthony– Vanessa – May Yu

Joy Xiao: Legal Counsel (China) of YK Law LLP
Konrad Kober: Director of The Restructuring & Turnaround Services of EY-Parthenon.

Tommaso Mozzarella: COO of SoloFresco Brands
Anthony Ma: Relationship Manager of Financial Institutions Group of China Merchant Bank.
Vanessa Di Frances: Manager of Citizens Bank Partnership at Fundation
May Yu: Account Manager of Morgan Stanley

Henry Li: Equity Partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm
Paurush Kumar & Kshitij Purswani: Yingke Global Affiliation Firm –  Trinaya Legal
Wei (David) Wu, Cornell EMI Fellow, Class of EMBA 2021

In this case competition, Team Tykoam advised strategies for this Indian pharmaceutical company in the areas of global business development, branding & marketing, R&D, supply-chain, biotech API, global M&A and US market-entry. Chinese lawyer Henry Li and U.S attorney from YK Law LLP have provided their legal experience in China pharmaceutical industry, global M&A, and US market-entry legal framework to the team. Indian lawyers Paurush Kumar and Kshitij Purswani from Yingke Indian Affiliation firm, shared their valuable insight on generic research, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and globalization strategies during COVID-19. David Wu, the fellowship of Cornell EMI, team leads of last year EMI Case competition also advised on how to win a championship.

The conference is hosted online this year.
Date: ET Friday, November 6, 2020 – Saturday, November 7, 2020 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Registration Link:

Please contact Joy Xiao: [email protected] for more details.