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In the News: YK Law’s Managing Partner, Jesse Weiner participated in the 2022 Global Digital Assets Summit (GDAS)

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Firm News

Jesse Weiner, Managing Partner of YK Law participated in the Global Digital Assets Summit (GDAS) panel discussion on The Revolution of Digital Assets. GDAS gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals worldwide for a 2-day conference discussing serval core topics of digital assets. Along with the amazing growth of the digital economy, new types of digital assets are being created constantly, and are increasingly being incorporated into everyday life (think the Metaverse) and transactions (i.e., Bitcoin processed $3 trillion worth of payments during 2021).

The panel on which Jesse spoke entailed the protection of digital assets, the storage and security of encrypted digital assets, and the impact of the development of digital assets on the entertainment industry. As an expert in entertainment and media law, Jesse shared his insights on the development of digital assets, including NFTs in the art, music, and film sectors.

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