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Meet The Challenges Of Successful, Legal Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Transactions

The use of cryptocurrencies is on the rise – not only among adventurous, entrepreneurial investors but also among major industry players, such as government, health care, energy and financial institutions. To succeed and avoid trouble, both those who are about to engage in the cryptocurrency economy as well as those who are already using its tools such as blockchain technology need legal counsel along with management protocols.

At YK Law LLP, our solid team of financial technology (fintech) attorneys advises clients on a wide range of legal issues associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain. Topics of concern include regulatory compliance, corporate law, securities transactions and anti-money laundering measures. We help brokers, executives and company representatives register their operations, understand tax liabilities and carry out transactions.

 Strengths We Bring To The Table

Our team includes lawyers on the cutting edge in both domestic and international financial services regulations. We are up to date on technologies that enable the protection of encrypted data transmission. Among other assets we have to offer, our diverse practice, robust legal team and multioffice structure, encompassing the East Coast, West Coast and Dallas regions and international locations, provide many advantages to our clients.

No matter what type of digital currency is under consideration, we can help ensure that you and your business steer clear of legal pitfalls. Ask us for guidance regarding any the following or other concerns:

  • Valuation of cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrencies in divorce, property division and bankruptcy
  • Tracing the flow of any cryptocurrency through blockchain pathways for any legal purpose

When you contact us, we will exercise care in assigning the most appropriate lawyer or lawyers to your case. As your ties with YK Law grow, we can efficiently and adeptly bring in other attorneys whose geographical or legal practice area focuses align with particular needs that you bring to our attention.

Get Answers And Direction For Your Cryptocurrency-Based Ventures

To schedule a consultation about any aspect of doing business with cryptocurrency using blockchain technologies, call us at 877-690-8163 or send an email inquiry.

While our law firm operates from six U.S. offices and several overseas locations, our services are not restricted by geography. Many clients have never met us in person, but rather, receive benefits by working with us remotely through video conferences and other remote channels of communication.

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