If you are producing your own work or interested in working in entertainment, it’s crucial to understand who keeps “the business”.

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For a glimpse behind-the-scenes: The Entertainment Industry, Agent, Manager and Lawyer Edition


The Players

Agents find jobs for their clients. They’re constantly talking with producers and studios, seeking the best deals.

Managers are invested in their client’s career prospects, while also nurturing their creative side.

Entertainment Lawyers protect the interests of artists, models, production companies, actors, studios, musicians, and other creatives, either through litigation or with their contractual needs.


The Team

Circumstances dependent, you may need one or all of the above on your team working in tandem to propel your career forward.

Do This – When handed a contract, have a Lawyer review it before signing to explain its consequences.

Not That – Pitches to Agents or Managers should never include scripts or materials. For liability reasons, most companies have strict policies against accepting “unsolicited materials”.