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Commercial litigation refers to legal disputes that arise between businesses or individuals engaged in commercial activities. At YK Law, our attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of commercial disputes. Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to resolve commercial disputes through amicable channels of communication, including conversations, letters and negotiations. When these methods fail, our clients may need to take their disputes through alternative dispute resolution hearings, such as mediation or arbitration.

When good-faith efforts do not yield results, our lawyers are prepared to litigate cases in state, federal and higher courts. With law offices in California, Texas, New York and several countries, we are well situated to draw on the precise legal talent and network of contacts that many of our clients need to resolve their commercial disputes satisfactorily.

Examples Of Commercial Disputes Handled By Our Litigation Team

YK Law is a resource for a full array of commercial litigation cases, including the following:

  • Contract disputes: Disputes arising from the terms of a contract, such as a breach of contract, nonperformance or failure to deliver goods or services.
  • Intellectual property disputes: Litigation involving trademarks, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property such as disputes over the ownership of a trademark or patent infringement.
  • Corporate disputes: Litigation between shareholders, directors or other stakeholders in a corporation, including disputes over corporate governance, management and control of a company as well as conflicts that arise in connection with mergers and acquisitions
  • Business torts: Torts that arise from business dealings, such as fraud, misrepresentation, interference with contractual relationships and unfair competition.
  • Partnership and joint venture disputes: Litigation between partners in a partnership or joint venture, including disputes over the allocation of profits and losses, management of the business and dissolution of the partnership or joint venture.
  • Employment disputes: Litigation between employers and employees, including disputes over employment contracts, wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment.
  • Consumer protection disputes: Litigation involving consumer protection issues, such as disputes over false advertising, defective products and unfair business practices.

The list above provides a general overview of the types of disputes that our clients often confront. Your business’s commercial dispute may fall in another category not named here. We encourage you to bring your case to our attention and work with one of our attorneys to determine the most cost-effective path to resolution.

We Are Ready To Tackle Your Commercial Law Conflict

From offices in New York City, California, Dallas and countries in Asia and Latin America, we are well-connected and ready to tackle even complex commercial litigation. Our clients’ cases include local matters as well as those with a national or international scope.

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