Reopening Hollywood during COVID-19

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Reopening Hollywood during COVID-19 has been expensive and complicated.

The Industry-Wide Labor Management Safety Committee Task Force issued a 37-page manual on how to proceed.

Protocols include:

  1. Symptoms are closely monitored: cast and crew monitor symptoms every day with an electronic survey, manual screening, and/or temperature spot-checks and weekly testing.
  2. Implementing a zone system: productions designate a health safety supervisor, or a COVID-19 compliance officer, and a health safety department with a hygiene crew and a security unit that has the authority to shut down production.
    – Zone A is for performers working on set, not physical distancing, or using personal protective equipment (PPE).
    – Zone B is where production takes place, physical distancing practices are observed, and PPE is worn.
    – Zone C is the outside world.
    People working in Zone A travel along a cocooned path laid out and controlled by people working in Zone B.
  3. Workdays should not exceed 10 hours/day, if possible.
  4. In-person meetings are limited; video/conference calls are preferred.
  5. Live audiences are not recommended.
  6. Travel is limited. The use of local crews and “bubbles” that allow for complete control is preferred.