Things You Can’t Negotiate On Set

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While people wish they could negotiate every detail, here are a few items that aren’t negotiable:

  1. File rendering – in graphics production, image, and video editing, the file is transformed into a finished image or video. Each frame can take a few hours to more than a day to render.
  2. How long it takes for paint to dry. The set design, lighting, and art departments all wish there was a quick-dry solution.
  3. Weather – mother nature has a mind of her own.
  4. Parking restrictions (and other laws) – please get necessary permits and follow any legal requirements.
  5. Food orders — especially, for that person with the REALLY detailed requests.
  6. Call times – that shot may need to be filmed at a specific time or your makeup may be extremely detailed — Jennifer Lawyer’s Mystique took 8 hours/day.

The good news is with the right lawyer you can negotiate salary, perks, and other terms.