Global Mindset. Local Instinct.

A Locally-Oriented, Globally Positioned Business Law Firm

As an American law firm that is also part of a global network, YK Law has a unique capacity to deliver results for clients both locally and across borders.

Featuring more than 40 highly experienced lawyers in a wide range of practice areas in multiple geographical locations, we invite you to get to know us individually through the webpage entitled ‘Our Team.’ Reach out to connect with an attorney who focuses on your area of concern or let us direct you to the right lawyer for your case. Then make a personal connection and request a case evaluation through an initial in-person or video conference consultation.

Featuring Jurisdiction-Specific Knowledge And Cross-Border Reach

From office locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas, we use jurisdiction-specific knowledge to assist clients with a full range of legal issues, including business law, immigration, estate planning, family law and real estate. Our attorneys are adept at both transactional matters and resoling disputes through litigation or ADR.

In an area of increasing globalization, you may have business and legal needs that cross cross borders. With attorneys who have lived and practiced around the world, and as a a member of Yangke Global Network of independent law firms, we can help you meet that challenge.

Customized Transactions And Dispute Resolution

When a legal conflict becomes a roadblock for business formation or operations, we do not typically recommend litigation until our clients first consider arbitration, mediation and other alternative forms of resolution. However, we recognize that an individual or business may not have a choice when responding to a lawsuit or a government-led investigation.

Our clients’ needs and perspectives are always our starting point in straightforward legal issues such as estate planning, as well as in cutting-edge areas such as blockchain and cryptocurrency brokering, cannabis enterprise building and emerging growth and technology developments. One client may be interested in expanding business operations, while another may need to respond urgently to a legal challenge from a competitor. We are ready and qualified to take on a wide range of legal matters.

Schedule A Confidential Consultation

With offices in multiple states and as part of a global network, we are confident in the value we bring to clients’ endeavors. We see every client and case as unique at YK Law. While approaching any legal matter, we draw on a wealth of knowledge and skills from among our ranks. We also maintain beneficial connections with other law firms, experts and entities worldwide.

Let us hear about your concerns and do a deep dive together to design an action plan to suit your needs. Call 877-690-8163 or complete our brief contact form to get started.