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Local and International Business Law Representation In Irvine, California

YK Law is an innovative law firm with offices in Irvine, California. Our unique approach – with the mindset of a large, global practice and the attention to detail and client services of a smaller local operation – prepares our client partners to do business and find success in an ever-evolving international marketplace. Our skilled attorneys understand the strategic legal complexities of conducting business in the United States, as well as China, Russia, Latin America and the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, the Middle East, Estonia and more, which means YK Law clients have access to a truly global network of legal professionals at the forefront of their respective fields and markets.

Even clients whose current business ventures don’t take them out of the U.S. understand that today’s worldwide economy requires a worldwide approach, all while maintaining the personal attention you deserve. YK Law attorneys leverage their international connections, utilize their depth of business experience, and tap into their industry relationships to help their partners succeed in this fast-paced, global climate regardless of the scale of their goals.

Family And Immigration Law

While YK Law might be best known for our practices in the areas of business, entertainment and international corporate law, we also have a strong reputation in more personal fields like matrimonial, family and immigration law. These are complex fields that require both an experienced and a delicate legal approach, and our attorneys have a long history of handling these cases successfully and carefully. We know how important it is to find a lawyer you trust to assist you with events like relocating or conversations over child custody, and we strive to always be the partner you need in these situations.

A Firm Of Forward-Thinking Lawyers For All Your Needs

YK Law is also a leader in growing fields like cannabis, digital currency and intellectual property law. As these fast-paced, quickly evolving industries continue to expand and mature, our attorneys can help make sure you’re best prepared for not only the state of these fields now but also the direction they’re heading. From startups to organizations stepping into new territories, having a legal team with its finger on the pulse of these industries is invaluable.

Responding To Today’s Challenges While Preparing For The Future

Our Irvine-based team provides optimal results and responsive legal guidance by staying on top of the changes occurring in every marketplace. Many of our attorneys have executive-level operational experience with a deep understanding of their area of proficiency, giving them the background and understanding necessary to better understand where the market is going and how it will get there. This wealth of knowledge helps us offer proactive solutions and anticipate what’s next for your business, allowing you to prepare effectively.

One of our most commonly received comments is how pleasantly surprised our clients are with the efficiency, timeliness, and outstanding quality with which we handle their legal needs, especially after they’ve worked with some of the world’s larger law firms.

Why You Should Choose YK Law

YK Law’s diverse, talented group of attorneys is known for our innovative and creative problem-solving, helping our clients thrive in today’s changing economic landscape. We provide unparalleled, consistent service and proven value to our clients across all of our practice areas and many business sectors.

YK Law’s wide array of practice areas, and depth of expertise and knowledge in each of them has built us a strong reputation across many sectors and around the world, all built on our ability to offer our clients practical solutions for all the legal and regulatory business issues they encounter. As a team, we regularly review every aspect of our clients’ matters to ensure all facets of their needs and issues are being handled in a way that best leads to successful outcomes.

This combination of skill and attention is what sets us apart. While there may be a wide variety of options out there to handle your business law needs, our accessibility, honesty and integrity are clear difference-makers. With YK Law, your needs will be addressed with timeliness and skill by personal, expert legal advisors. You will have direct access to your attorneys assigned to handle your matters, giving you a trusted partner for your business endeavors.

YK Law’s Irvine-based legal team brings genuine passion, on top of skill and enthusiasm, to every client. We listen first, communicate clearly, and earn our clients’ confidence in order to build long-term relationships. We care deeply about what’s in your best interest.

We listen first, communicate clearly, and earn our clients’ confidence in order to build long-term relationships. We care deeply about what’s in your best interest.

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