Global Mindset. Local Instinct.

A Law Firm With A Truly International Reach And Scope

When we say that YK Law is an international practice, we are describing the firm in multiple dimensions, including:

  • Our U.S. and global offices in New York City, Southern California, Northern California, Dallas and Panama
  • Our abundant connections in Latin America, Greater China and Southeast Asia
  • Our knowledge and experience resolving cases with international scopes
  • Our various attorneys with origins and study or work experience abroad
  • Our multilingual staff, including lawyers and legal professionals who are fully proficient in Spanish, Chinese and other languages in addition to American English
  • Our membership in the Yinkoke Global Network
  • Our full-service immigration and global mobility law services

In whatever way your personal or business law issue is international in nature, let us explain and show you how we can resolve your case expeditiously and decisively thanks to our worldwide contacts and our physical presence in the world-class cities of New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, as well as our real connections in cities in various other countries.

Where In The World You Can Find Us And Our Firm’s Close Connections

Our Greater China team brings real-life experience from a variety of activities and law practices in Chinese-speaking locations, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and other jurisdictions in the region. Our attorneys are ready to get to work for our clients who need answers and action in areas of the law including finance, human resources, business startups, contracts, regulatory compliance and more in the Far East. Through our connections with Yingke Law Firm, we offer full-service solutions for our clients in – or doing business in – China and the Asia-Pacific rim, including offshore corporations.

YK Law’s Latin America and Caribbean presence is evident in our Panama City office with access to legal forums and business contacts throughout North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Our Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) practice facilitates investment and dispute resolution throughout the region, as well as through the Yingke Global Legal Service Alliance in China, which includes direct connections with Panama.

With regard to Southeast Asia (SEA), many of our attorneys have decades of experience practicing and advising clients in this region. Some of them lived and practiced law in SEA for years. They represent Fortune-500 multinationals and other business entities in transactions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Reach Out Regarding Any Globally Oriented Legal Matter

Our international teams are available to consult with you on any business, commercial, estate-related, family law or real estate matter. We are skilled at listening carefully and connecting new clients with the most appropriate attorneys at our firm or at affiliated firms abroad.

Are you grappling with multinational investments, an international child custody conflict or a business litigation issue with aspects in several countries? Discuss your legal needs of a global nature with an international law attorney at YK Law. Call 877-369-8163 or send a short email inquiry to get started making the connections that you need to resolve your legal issue.

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