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Preserving Wealth Through Estate Planning

The lawyers and advisers in our wealth preservation and estate planning advisory practice understand that coming to grips with the fact one may someday become mentally incapacitated and will face eventual death is not easy or pleasant. The role of our lawyers and advisers is to assist our clients with getting their affairs in order and to make sure that their wishes are carried out.

Advising and assisting our clients on end-of-life or estate planning doesn’t begin and end simply with the legal task of preparing a will. Our team takes a holistic approach to the task of understanding what the clients want for themselves or their family members and in this process, our lawyers and advisors closely with our clients and their loved ones to ensure that their interests are protected.

Our lawyers and advisors have substantial experience and expertise in assisting and advising clients with wealth preservation and estate planning matters, including trust establishment, estate tax mitigation, generational estate planning, patient rights and health care directives, and avoidance of guardianship and conservatorship. More importantly, however, we want to help our clients plan ahead and give our clients the peace of mind that things will go exactly, and that their loved ones cared for, as they truly intended.

Estates, Probate And More

We have represented many clients in incompetency proceedings, estate probate and administration proceedings, will contest proceedings, accountings and other Surrogate Court matters and litigation. Our lawyers will advise and provide guidance to the clients on the following subject matters:

  • Dying with dignity
  • Estate planning
  • Foreign grantors and gifts
  • Medical treatment directive and patients’ rights
  • Powers of attorney, guardianships and conservatorship
  • Trust administration and management
  • Wills and trusts – drafting, updating and administering

Our team works with clients from various backgrounds, including new immigrants to the U.S., and we help them to understand the complexities of probate and estate processes in the U.S., as well as related tax implications. We are also able to advise and support U.S. taxpayers living abroad with estate planning involving assets inside and outside of the U.S.

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