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Lawyers Advising On Marriage, Divorce And Other Aspects Of Family Law

What is known as “matrimonial law” in New York is referred to as family code laws about marriage and divorce in California, Texas and many other states. People often seek legal counsel when considering changes or troubles involving marital relationships. At YK Law, our family law attorneys advise clients regarding their unique situations such as plans to create a prenuptial agreement, preparations for divorce, modifications and enforcement of court orders, and orders of protection.

We understand the very personal nature of marriage and divorce, and at the same time, we have vast legal knowledge and experience of great interest to our clients whose marriages are approaching their ends. The size of our New York, California and Texas teams of attorneys means that we can readily find a lawyer on staff who can address any unique needs of a particular client.

Business owners, people in bicultural marriages and people who were domestic partners long before they married are examples of specific demographics that we skillfully serve in a personalized manner.

Areas Of Family Law For Which Our Attorneys Offer Counsel

While terminology and specific laws pertaining to marriage and family relationships differ from state to state – and from one country to another – we can describe our family law services in generalized terms as follows:

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: These private contracts can override typical property division laws in case of a divorce. While most couples do not want to discuss the possibility of a marital dissolution before getting married, people who are marrying for the second or third time know all too well that it can happen. People with children from previous relationships often ask about prenuptial agreements. Before or after the marriage takes place, people may also wish to create prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to protect business partners in case of a divorce.

Domestic violence and orders of protection: This area of the law may come up before, during or after a marriage, as well as between unmarried domestic partners. Our family law attorneys are ready to act swiftly to protect our clients’ rights, whether they are the accusers or have been accused of domestic violence.

Paternity actions, adoption, same-sex partners’ adoption, stepparent adoption, fathers’ rights, parental alienation and other child-related issues: Legal actions related to any such matters may figure into a divorce or a determination of parents’ legal responsibilities regardless of marital status.

Child custody, visitation and child support: Depending on the state and situation when parents are no longer married or cohabiting, terms such as parenting time, parenting plans and conservatorship may be used to describe dual households where children are raised. A divorce decree or a stand-alone court order will spell out when each parent (or substitute parent, such as a grandparent) will have possession or custody of children. A family law judge may become involved again if there is a need for enforcement or modification of a custody order.

Property division in divorce: Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, the end result of the divorce will be that real property, personal property and financial assets will belong to one spouse or the other. A former husband and wife or former same-sex spouses will no longer own things together as marital property. Debts will also be allocated to one or the other. Alimony or spousal support is often negotiated along with straightforward or complex asset division.

Domestic partnerships, separation agreements and other legal solutions for individual circumstances: Our family law team can help you resolve any issues that are unique to you and your family.

How We Customize Legal Representation In Family Law

At YK Law, our matrimonial and family law team delivers services with compassion while zealously advocating for the interests of our clients. Our clients are often facing the division of complex assets such as businesses, professional practices and multiple pieces of real estate. Others grapple with conflicts over child custody and visitation.

We have guided many clients in several states through complex matrimonial and family court matters that involve highly contested issues involving marital assets and/or children. Our attorneys take an individualized approach to helping clients resolve emotionally charged and involved cases. Methods include negotiations, mediation and litigation. When collaborative law methods are appropriate or a client is unsure when to file for divorce – before or after a pending bankruptcy or other key events – we help them arrive at a clear understanding of the advantages and risks involved in any course of action.

Handling Your Divorce With Discretion

We know that the stigma of divorce sometimes causes challenges including reputational damage for high-profile professionals, executives, public figures, entertainers, athletes and business owners. No matter who you are when you work with the matrimonial and family lawyers at YK Law, you can rest assured a carefully selected team of lawyers and paralegals will manage your divorce with great care and confidentiality. We will do our best to keep your case moving smoothly through the legal system. If necessary, we will help you prepare public remarks should you need to make statements through the media about your divorce. We will advise you on discreet ways to steer clear of public attention to your divorce.

Our Approach To Child Custody And Visitation

We know you treasure the time you have with your children and want the best upbringing for them physically, mentally, financially and educationally. Our attorneys will take time to understand your priorities as well as what is in the best interest of your child. With a carefully constructed parenting plan for the physical and legal custody of your child(ren), you can have greater peace of mind knowing that you are being the best parent you can be, which should ideally include child-focused cooperation with the other parent.

Is Annulment An Option for You?

You may question whether your marriage is valid. In New York, there are five grounds for annulment:

  • If you were under the age of 18 when you married
  • If you or your spouse did not consent to the marriage
  • If the marriage could not be consummated
  • If one member of the marriage was mentally ill for more than five years
  • If marriage consent was gained under duress or fraudulently

California and Texas have similar laws. Whereas a divorce dissolves the marriage, an annulment allows those with religious or cultural concerns to void the marriage as if it never happened. We are skilled at helping our clients weigh both options – divorce and annulment – and pursue an appropriate conclusion to marriage.

Family Offenses

We take family offenses very seriously. Whether you have been a victim of disorderly conduct, stalking, harassment or assault, the team at YK Law can act quickly to secure your safety through temporary retraining orders (TRO), harassment restraining orders (HRO) and other orders for protection. If your situation warrants a Family Offense petition, we will make your case a top priority to ensure your safety and that of your children.

How Can We Help You Get Started Solving Your Family Law Problems?

We are ready to help you with divorce planning or address more urgent issues according to your timetable. Contact us by phone at 877-690-8163 or by email for a prompt response.

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