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U.S. Immigration Services For Individuals And Globally Mobile Workers

With today’s ever-evolving and increasingly competitive global economy and labor marketplace, meeting a company or organization’s commercial objectives requires knowledgeable immigration advice and direction. YK Law‘s immigration and global mobility practice attorneys know that innovative, compliant immigration solutions are critical to business success now, and even more importantly in the future.

Because of this, our team of immigration lawyers and paralegals at YK Law work closely with our clients to develop strategies that help meet their specific immigration needs and ensure the efficient movement of our client’s personnel worldwide.

Tailoring Immigration Solutions To Individual Needs

Our immigration and global mobility attorneys understand that each client’s situation is unique. So, we provide approaches and solutions that are tailored to their precise circumstances. We provide representation and services to an array of diverse industries and geographies, including multinational corporations¸ startup ventures and local and regional employers from the world’s largest global companies to those more modest in size.

Because immigration laws are being more strictly enforced and the penalties for violations are severe, the global mobility programs created for our clients ensure that they avoid the possible perils of international personnel transfers. YK Law’s immigration and global mobility attorneys address every administrative and legal issue inherent in immigration law, reducing the risk of penalty and easing the minds and concerns of our clients dealing with immigration needs.

A Respected Immigration Resource For High-Profile Clients

Our firm has represented many high-profile foreign entertainers, Michelin star chefs, fashion design houses, and international conglomerates and helped them successfully navigate their various immigration needs. We have handled Direct Investment EB5s, complex global L1As, Os; Ps H1Bs, PERMs and all other visa categories. In addition, our team has represented many individuals in immigration litigation matters such as waivers, writs of mandamus and habeas corpus, district court and circuit court appeals, immigration court removal proceedings, bail and bond hearings, and appeals at the board of immigration.

As our clients’ businesses expand beyond their country of origin into today’s global marketplace, our experienced immigration attorneys, paralegals, and staff are here to guide our clients through the complexities of the process. We help with visa needs, from investment-based immigration visas to employment-based visas for our corporate clients, hiring overseas’ talents or sending key personnel overseas. Our role is to provide legal guidance and advice on various aspects of the immigration process to facilitate the movement of people across borders.

We also work with many individuals on their personal immigration needs, including applications for family-based immigration visas, student visas and marriage-based visas.

Employment And Investor Immigration; Visas, Green Cards And Citizenship

YK Law’s immigration and global mobility practice has extensive experience in a wide variety of focus areas, including the following:

Employment immigration. Our lawyers represent and advise employers and employees seeking temporary visas (H-1B, L-1) and long-term status (EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 green cards) to or from the United States. The availability of these visas will depend mainly on the applicant’s qualifications, the employer’s needs for those qualifications, and the policies in effect. Our team works closely with clients as their needs change or because of shifts in immigration policy, making sure clients aren’t caught off-guard by unforeseen issues or concerns. We also represent exceptional individuals seeking temporary visas (O, P) and long-term status (EB-1, EB-2 green cards) to the United States.

Investors. Our lawyers advise clients on obtaining temporary and permanent status as qualified investors. We represent investors seeking temporary visas (E-2, L-1) and long-term status (EB-1, EB-5 green cards). Together with our corporate attorneys, the lawyers in our immigration and mobility practice advise clients on project and regional center due diligence, status renewal (I-829) and EB-5 workouts (solutions for investors in failed EB-5 projects).

EB-5 regional center. We work closely with project developers in setting up EB-5 offerings and regional center affiliations. We also represent EB-5 regional centers on matters relating to set-up, buy/sell transactions, project due diligence, annual reports (I-924A), investigations and audits.

Citizenship. In addition to representing our corporate clients, our team advises individuals on applying for United States citizenship and a second passport (citizenship by investment). We understand the attention and care that this requires and work not just as attorneys, but as partners and advisors for our clients as they navigate the citizenship process.

Employer compliance. As employers navigate the complex landscape of immigration law compliance, our immigration experts will guide employers through compliance issues, internal audits, investigations, and government reviews. We are here to make sure our clients can operate their businesses, grow their teams and expand their operations with confidence knowing they are doing so lawfully.

Considerations For Globalization In The Modern Work Force

Assembling the appropriate professionals is critical to business success in today’s global marketplace. However, immigration laws make having a solid methodology for legally and rapidly transferring employees around the world within budget a daunting endeavor for organizations of any size. Companies must keep in mind immigration and visa requirements, data privacy mandates, employee benefits and compensation issues, tax and social security implications, local employment law compliance and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) restrictions.

Our meticulous attention to detail, creative strategies and globally-informed approaches to international transfer law are critical to helping our clients’ successfully execute agreements, contracts and policies that are supported by appropriate tax planning and reporting requirements.

Regardless of a client’s immigration issues and whether they are new to immigration visa sponsorship, an experienced foreign personnel employer or are being audited or investigated over immigration compliance, YK Law’s immigration and global mobility attorneys can help maneuver effectively through these complicated processes.

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