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Full-Service Real Estate Counsel And Assistance

The lawyers in our real estate practice advise clients on a wide range of real estate matters in the U.S., Israel and Greater China. Our clients include developers, investors and managers of properties, private equity fund advisers, REIT companies, operators, joint venture strategizers, and individual buyers and sellers. Our team works with clients preparing to acquire, manage, lease, obtain financing for, restructure or convey real estate of many varieties.

Clients of YK Law turn to our attorneys for comprehensive guidance in all phases of real estate deals, including:

  • Purchase, investment and development of properties
  • Managing, leasing and selling residential and commercial real estate
  • Financing and refinancing for homes, retail outlets, office spaces, industrial developments and more
  • Development and disposition of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
  • Structuring and restructuring of equity, debt loads and hybrid arrangements

Our lawyers bring experience in related fields such as corporate, tax, immigration, securities, cross-border and technology laws to provide comprehensive legal advice. We have skilled hospitality and Proptech legal teams, including attorneys who have been innovators in these arenas.

Real Estate Finance Representation

We have represented developers and other clients in a multitude of acquisitions and financings of commercial and residential real estate. We have represented lenders in commercial and residential loans. We have prepared and filed offering plans and amendments for submission to the New York State Attorney General.

Real Estate Leasing; Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Lawyers in our real estate practice advise clients on various leases, including office and retail leases. We have the experience and expertise to work with either the landlord or the tenant to ensure that their commercial objectives and/or risk management needs are met in the leases that we prepare and negotiate. Landlord and tenant issues are also the most common type of dispute that our real estate lawyers are asked to advise on.  Together with our litigators, the lawyers in our real estate practice work with our clients on disputes arising under such leases.

Real Estate Litigation

We apply our litigation skills and in-depth knowledge of real estate and banking laws to successfully represent many homeowners in foreclosure in local, state and appellate courts.

Our team has written many articles on the topic of real estate litigation and a number of our successful cases have been written up in the media.

Our Work With The U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD)

In 2003, one of our real estate lawyers was awarded Certification as a Section 8(a) contractor by the U.S. Small Business Administration. As an 8(a) contractor she was awarded a federal government contract to be the exclusive closing agent for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) covering the five boroughs of NYC and Nassau and Suffolk Counties. For the following eight years, our lawyer represented HUD in thousands of residential and multiunit HPD building real estate transactions.

Real Estate Management And Operations

We have represented cooperatives and condominiums in connection with their corporation matters including those related to shareholders, unit owners, managing agents and contractors. We have presided over annual cooperative and condominium annual meetings.

A Partner With HSBC Mortgage Corporation USA

In 2006, one of our team members was selected out of hundreds of New York applicants by HSBC Mortgage Corporation (USA) to handle the electronic conversion of over 5000 UCC cooperative apartment liens in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She set up systems to handle volume work in an efficient and professional manner and has been recognized for such ability by the prestigious contracts she has been awarded throughout her career.

Property Technology (Proptech), Space Property And Real Estate Tokenization

Although the real estate industry has been traditionally slow to adopt new technologies, that has changed with the development of real estate financing technology (fintech), shared economy and smart real estate. This includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and blockchain technology which is being used for recording real estate transactions and crowdfunding via tokenization of real estate interests. Additionally, our lawyers, who often have a technical background themselves, help startups and investors in proptech navigate the evolving regulatory environment.

Get Customized Counsel About Your Real Estate Concerns

The leader of our real estate practice at YK Law is attorney Marc Paley. To schedule a consultation with him or other members of our team who advise on real estate issues, call 877-690-8163 or send an email inquiry. We will reply promptly.

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