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Employment Immigration Services For Employees And Sponsoring Employers

Visiting, temporary and permanent workers from abroad often need legal guidance as they navigate the appropriate U.S. immigration laws. Our immigration team at YK Law can help keep your application on track. We also work with employers that wish to sponsor workers from abroad.

If you entrust your employment immigration case to our firm, we will ensure that you understand your responsibilities for providing documentation and adhering to all laws regarding your arrival, stay and work status in the U.S. In addition, we will explain the specific immigration benefits that you qualify for, such as a visitor’s visa, work visa, change of status or green card (confirming legal permanent resident or LPR status).

From offices in New York, California, Texas and several countries overseas, our immigration law attorneys have helped employees and employers through routine and complex cases. Some of our diverse, talented lawyers have gone through the immigration process themselves. Others have played a direct part in sponsoring employees and family members.

Whether you are an employer or aspiring employee, and whether you are already in the U.S. or still in another country, YK Law is well positioned to streamline the process of applying for a work visa or sponsoring an employee.

A Full Range Of Employment-Based Immigration Cases

Ask for our advice and assistance with any of the following employment-based and investment-based visas:

Labor Certification

We help employers who are sponsoring applicants for job offers in their U.S. companies. This process includes obtaining labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Our attorneys are ready to simplify the necessary steps for our employer clients and advise would-be employees on how they can accelerate the process.

Permanent Workers

Our lawyers advise future workers in the following categories:

  • EB-1 for persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics; academics; and executives or managers of multinational corporations
  • EB-2 for people in professions requiring advanced degrees; and people of exceptional ability in the arts, sciences or business
  • EB-3 for professionals and skilled workers in a variety of industries
  • EB-4 for religious workers, retired employees of international organizations and other “special immigrants”
  • EB-5 for business investors who invest $1.8 million or $900,000 in targeted population areas to start enterprises that create at least 10 new jobs for U.S. workers

To increase the success of your international hiring plans, consult with us early in the process.

Temporary Workers

We help people of other nationalities obtain temporary visas in these and other categories:

  • E-1 (treaty traders and their employees)
  • E-2 (treaty investors and their employees)
  • H1-B (workers in specialty occupations)
  • H1-C (specialty nurses in health professional service areas)
  • H-2A (agricultural workers), H-2B (nonagricultural workers)
  • H-3 (trainees not in medical or academic professions)
  • I (foreign press or information media)
  • L1-A and L1-B (intracompany transfers for managers, executives and workers with specialized knowledge)
  • O (for people with extraordinary ability in arts, science, education and other professions)
  • P (for artists and entertainers, to perform or train)
  • Q (for cultural exchange training)
  • R (religious workers)
  • TN (North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] workers)

Both employees and potential employers are welcome to inquire about these and other employment-based and investment-based visas for workers and, in some cases, their family members.

Reach Out For Information And Counsel On U.S. Immigration

Discuss your employment-related immigration goals with one of our lawyers in New York, Dallas, California, Asia or Latin America.

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